Hold D+BLK during Brutality to turn away after Brutality.Secret Brutality: ThrowOnly in SLASHER variation. Must press U, D, U during final hit.Swing Low: D, B+2Only in MARKSMAN variation.Secret Brutality: X-RayMust hit your opponent with at least 12 bullets during the match. Must hold 1 right after B, F+4. Introduction Stage Fatalities have been around since the original Mortal Kombat 1 and have stayed an integral part of the franchise over the years. Must shoot 3 STRAIGHT MISSILES (B, F+1) during the match.HEAD'S UP: D, B+4 Only in CYRAX variation. Perform a kombo that does over 25% damage.Inside You: B, F+3, BLKOnly in DISPLACER variation. Must hold 2 during the final hit.Secret Brutality: Fist Flurry: B, F+4, BLK or B, F, 4+BLK, BLKMust hold 4 during the final hit. Must be JUMP distance away from opponent. FatalitiesBug Me: B, F, B+3 (MID)Heart Broken: F, B, F+2 (CLOSE)Stage Fatality: F, F+BLK (CLOSE)BrutalitiesMigraine: D, B+4Must have over 50% health remaining. Must be JUMP distance away from opponent. Where do i log into my wb account in mkx? Can be performed at The Pit, The Kove, and Refugee Kamp. Hold D+BLK after the last hammer strike to make Leatherface hit himself with his fists.Trimming The Fat: B, F+2 Only in PRETTY LADY variation. Must be FULL SCREEN away from opponent.Frozen Dinner: D+2 Must freeze the opponent with an ICE BALL (D, F+2).Pick Your Brain: D, B, F+3Only in CRYOMANCER variation. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. been on gamefaqs for ages and I get modded for giving out two beta codes to gears 3 v_v. Opponent must be blocking during the final hit.Blood Shower: ThrowOnly in WARLOCK variation.Puggles' Wrath: D, F+3Only in SUMMONER variation. Must do 5 TELEPORTS (D, U) during the match. : D, B, F+1 (CLOSE)Tight Squeeze: F, B, F, B+2 (CLOSE)Stage Fatality: F, D, B+1 (CLOSE)BrutalitiesKotally Awesome: D, F+4Must be SWEEP distance away from opponent. Must use 1 stage interaction during the match. Must be SWEEP distance away from opponent. Latest Update: 2017-05-16(Added new info on Reptile's "Acid Wash" Brutality), F = ForwardB = BackD = DownU = Up1 = Square (PS4) / X (XONE)2 = Triange (PS4) / Y (XONE)3 = X (PS4) / A (XONE)4 = Circle (PS4) / B (XONE)Throw = L1 (PS4) / LB (XONE)Switch Stance = L2 (PS4) / LT (XONE)Interact = R1 (PS4) / RB (XONE)Block (BLK) = R2 (PS4) / RT (XONE). Must hold U to aim for the enemy's head.Secret Brutality: Bounce Back: D, B+4Only in ROYAL STORM variation. Special move can be enhanced. INFOs: 1.Die Stage-Fatalitys werden mit allen Kombats, NAH AM GEGNER & MITTIG VOM STAGE ausgeführt !!! FatalitiesGhostin' Us: D, D, B, F+1 (CLOSE)Certain Death: D, F, B, U (MID)Stage Fatality: F, D, B, U (CLOSE)BrutalitiesAnytime: X-RayMust hold D while triggering the move.Time To Bleed: ThrowMust hold U during final hit.Final Kountdown: D, B+4Only in WARRIOR variation. Special move can be enhanced. Special move can be enhanced.Biggest Fan: D, B, 2+BLKMust use 3 RISING FANS (D, B+2) during the match.Back That Up: D, B+3 (AIR)Only in ROYAL STORM variation. FatalitiesChest Kold: B, F, D, B+4 (CLOSE)Bed Of Ice: D, B, D, F+4 (CLOSE)Head Rip: F, D, F+2 (CLOSE)Stage Fatality: F, D, B+2 (CLOSE)BrutalitiesSnow Ball: D, F, 2+BLK Opponent must be frozen. Opponent must be JUMP distance away.Outworld Marketplace: Blanche (= Old Lady) ThrowMust use 1 stage interactable during the match. Must hold B.Secret Brutality: ThrowMust hold F during final hit. Special move can be enhanced.Spear On The Head: B, F+1 Only in SMOKE variation. FatalitiesKiller Queen: D, D, B, F+3 (CLOSE) Deadly Hybrid: B, F, D, F+1 (MID)Stage Fatality: D, D, D+3 (CLOSE)BrutalitiesSlash And Bash: D, B, 3+BLKLittle Head: Throw Must hold F during final hit.Acid Burn: D, B+2 (AIR) Only in ACIDIC variation. Special move must be performed from a 3 hit kombo.Dry Rub: D, B+2Only in SUN GOD variation. Take a look: Must hold D during final hit. Hold B for Cyrax assist, F for Sektor assist, D for Smoke assist or U for Cyber Sub-Zero assist.Incoming: B, F+1 Only in SEKTOR variation. Must hold U during special move. The original Mortal Kombat Warehouse displays unique content extracted directly from the Mortal Kombat games: Sprites, Arenas, Animations, Backgrounds, Props, Bios, Endings, Screenshots and Pictures Final hit must come from SWING KICK (4).Pop Pop: D, F, 1+BLK or D, B, 1+BLKOnly in PYROMANCER variation. Must be level 3 DRUNK (3x D, D+1 or D, D, 1+BLK).Head On A Stick: B+3, Throw or F+3, Throw Only in BARTITSU variation.Secret Brutality: Fire Spit: D, F+2Only in DRAGON BREATH variation. Must connect 5 TELE-PUSHES (B, F+2) during the match. Special move can be enhanced.Krush: D, U+BLKChest Bump: B, F+2Only in KUATAN WARRIOR variation. Must get the first hit of the match.Demon Slice: D, B+1Only in POSSESSED variation. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Grab opponent (INTERACT) in front of the statue mid-stage.Lin Kuei Temple: Torch ThrowMust hold F while throwing (INTERACT) one of the 3 torches. [NOT SURE IF NECESSARY]- Kung Lao: Hold 4 during Brutality.- Raiden: Hold B during Brutality.- Sub-Zero: Hold 2 during Brutality.The Slicer: D, B+1 Only in TARKATAN variation. Must be JUMP distance away from opponent.Watch This: D+2, 4 (AIR)Only in DRAGON NAGINATA variation. For Mortal Kombat X on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Predator 2nd fatality (certain death)". Must hold F during final hit.Play Thing: F+2Must perform a 2 hit kombo with KABER TOSS (F+2) as the final hit.Stabby Stab: D, B, F, 1+BLKOnly in RUTHLESS variation. The Predator made his debut as the third character available through DLC as part of the Kombat Pack. FatalitiesBubble Head: F, D, B, F+1 (MID)Selfie: D, F, D, B+4 (CLOSE)Stage Fatality: D, D, B, F+2 (CLOSE)BrutalitiesBetween The Eyes: B, F+1Must be JUMP distance away from opponent.Hats Off: DF+1Hold U before the third hit of the attack.Pop Goes: B, D+3Only in HOLLYWOOD variation. Despite it saying you need to be at mid distance, you actually need to be far away. Special move can be enhanced to pop the opponent's eyes out.Beat Down: B, F+3Only in BRAWLER variation. FROZEN AURA (D, B+3) must be active.Splitting Image: D, B+1Only in GRANDMASTER variation. Did it a few times last night with no issues... Now look at this, everybody talking goon talk, I did not come across any issues with any of his fatalities or brutalities last night. Hold either 1, 2, 3, 4, U, D, B or F right after releasing U to get 8 additional facial expressions from the severed head. Special move can be enhanced.Alien Baby: D, B+1 Only in KONJURER variation. You have to be FULL SCREEN away from your opponent.First Faction Kill: Hold BLK, F, FSecond Faction Kill: Hold BLK, B, BThird Faction Kill: Hold BLK, F, B, FFourth Faction Kill: Hold BLK, B, F, BFifth Faction Kill: Hold BLK, U, U. Special move can be enhanced.Tail Spin: D, B, 2+BLKOnly in DRAGON FANGS variation. Opponent must be in the air.Ground Breaking: D, D, 4+BLKOnly in PUMPED UP variation. Special move can be enhanced.Krystal Khaos: D, F+3, F+INTERACTOnly in CRYSTALLINE variation. Special move can be enhanced. Special move can be enhanced.Secret Brutality: Shirai Ryu Reflect: D, B+3Only in RONIN variation. FatalitiesSand Storm: D, B, F, D+1 (MID)Six-Shooter: B, F, B, F+2 (FAR)Stage Fatality: D, D, D+4 (CLOSE)BrutalitiesTunnel Vision: ThrowMust hold F while throwing the opponent. Final hit must come from a 3 hit kombo that ends with B, F+3.Half Day? Has to be resurrected in the final round. Must hold F during the special move. Works on opponents with projectile Brutalities. Must set HAT TRAP (D, F+2) or AWAY HAT TRAP (D, B+2). Must perform 5 BACK DASHES (B, B) during the match. Sacrifice yourself with F, D, B+4 to end the round.Totem This: D+2Only in BLOOD GOD variation. Only the third hit of the final attack must connect.Shokan Flame: B, F, 2+BLKOnly in TIGRAR FURY variation. Opponent must have at least 10% health remaining. Must press D, D, D immediately after F, F+1. Must use every QUIVER type (D, D+1/D, B+1/D, F+1) at least once during the match. Must do a 10 hit kombo during the match. Final hit must come from STATIC TRAP (D, F+4/D, B+4) or FULL TRAP (D, F, 4+BLK or D, B, 4+BLK). Must be JUMP distance away.Have A Nice Day: F+2, 2, ThrowOnly in BONE SHAPER variation.Hands Down: D, B+1Only in NECROMANCER variation. Must have POISON GAS (D, D+3) or TOXIC FUMES (D, D, 3+BLK) active.Secret Brutality: Invisible Uppercut: D+2Only in DECEPTIVE variation. I believe in Jesus Christ, the savior, and I'm proud of it!! FatalitiesBe Mine! FatalitiesBetter Than One: F, B, F, B+3 (CLOSE)Play Time: D, B, F, B, B (MID)Stage Fatality: B, F, B+4 (CLOSE)BrutalitiesTrample: B, F+3Must RUN 3 times during match. Must connect 1 FACEHUGGER (D, B+1) during the first round. Must do 3 KRAWLER attacks (D, F+3) during match.Bug Zapper: D, B, 1+BLKOnly in SWARM QUEEN variation. Must hold 4 during the special move.Ragdoll: D, B, F, 1+BLKOnly in WRESTLER variation. Must press any attack button 5 times during the final hit.Steam Roller: B, F, 2+BLKOnly in LACKEY variation. FatalitiesHead Case: D, F, D, B+3 (CLOSE)Knife To Meet You: D, D, F+1 (FAR)Stage Fatality: U, U, B+3 (CLOSE)BrutalitiesBallin': B, F+3, BLK (AIR)Opponent must be blocking and die from chip damage.Terminate: ThrowMust do 3 throws during the match. Opponent's health bar must be empty before the final hit. Hold D+BLK during Brutality to cancel Mileena's somersault and turn away/face the camera after Brutality. FatalitiesBug Eyes: F, B, F+1 (CLOSE)Conducting Rod: D, F, B, F+4 (FAR)Stage Fatality: D, D, D+2 (CLOSE)BrutalitiesSuper Shocker: D, F+2Must press 2 3 times during special move.Dark Force: B+1, 1, ThrowMust press F, B, F during the electric zaps.Overload: B+1, 1, 2, 2Only in THUNDER GOD variation. Must be FULL SCREEN away from opponent. Must hit the opponent in the head.Burnt Out: D, B+1Only in BOJUTSU variation. FatalitiesThe Grinder: D, B, F, D, U (MID)Flick Trick: D, U, D, U, BLK (MID)Stage Fatality: D, B, F, F (CLOSE)BrutalitiesGory Hole: B, F+1Must hold 1 during final hit.Skull Bash: ThrowMust hold D during final hit.Face Off: D, B+1Only in IMPOSTOR variation. Any business expecting to be paid for what they offer is anti-consumer. FatalitiesFace Grind: D, B, D, F+4 (CLOSE)Flower Pot: D, F, D, B+1 (CLOSE)Hat Split: F, B, F+3 (CLOSE)Stage Fatality: D, F, D+3 (CLOSE)BrutalitiesOpen Wide: ThrowMust press 1 or 2 15 times during throw. Must have PURSUIT (D, D+3) active during final hit.Spinal Tap: D, B, F+1Only in UNSTOPPABLE variation. Hold D+BLK during Brutality to turn away after Brutality.Rocket Roll: D, B, 2+BLK+UOnly in HEAVY WEAPONS variation. FatalitiesTele-Copter: B, F, B, B (FAR)My Puppet: F, D, B, U (MID)Stage Fatality: D, F, D+3 (CLOSE)BrutalitiesUsed Up: Throw Must hold D during final hit.Brutal Kick: 2, 2, 4Leg Up: B, F+3Only in BALANCED variation. Final hit must be from OVOMORPH (D, B+1) or FACEHUGGER after OVOMORPH (D, B+1). Must perform the FULL special move: D, B, F, 1+BLK, 2, 3, 4, 1+2+3+4.Secret Brutality: (Up) Machine Gun: B, F+3 or D, B+3Only in HEAVY WEAPONS variation. Tubs Of Fun: B, F+4 Must do 3 BELLY BASHES or FLYING KICKS (B, F+4) during the match. Special move can be enhanced. FatalitiesTarget Practice: D, F, D, B+2 (CLOSE)Pinned Down: F, B, D, D+1 (MID)Stage Fatality: U, D, F+4 (CLOSE)BrutalitiesA Little Heart: D, F+2 Must be SWEEP distance away.Round About: D, B, 4+BLK Must do 3 CARTWHEEL DROPS (D, B+4) during the match.Where'd You Go: ThrowMust perform 1 stage interaction during the match.Bullseye: D, B+2 (AIR)Only in ANCESTRAL variation. Special move can be enhanced. 4+BLK (CLOSE)Stage Fatality: F, D, D+3 (CLOSE)BrutalitiesOff The Top: B, F+3 Must hold F during final hit. Create KLONE (D, B+2) or ICE STATUE (D, B, 2+BLK). Must be SWEEP distance away from opponent. In this guide we will go over everything you need to know about Stage Fatalities in Mortal Kombat X. Hold D+BLK during Brutality to turn away after Brutality.Skull Transplant: D, B+2Must be JUMP distance away from opponent. Must be SWEEP distance away from opponent.Sword In The Stone: D, F+2Only in OUTLAW variation. Must use 3 DOWNFALLS (B+4) during the match.Nether Hole: D, B+1Only in HELLFIRE variation. FatalitiesStop Ahead: D, B, F+2 (MID)Who's Next! 1º Fatality Quan Chi – Mid Game: Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Bk, and finally B (far) 2º Fatality Quan Chi – Both Games: Dn, Fwd, Bk, Fwd, and finally Y (close) 3º Fatality Quan Chi – Stage: Bk, Fwd, Dn, and finally Y (close) Fatalities Raiden 3º Fatality Predator – Stage: Fwd, Dn, Bk, Up (close) Fatalities Quan Chi. Must have 3 SOULS active and perform SOUL BALL (B, F+2).Controlled Chaos: B, F+2Only in SPECTRAL variation. Hold U during final hit to decapitate the opponent. FatalitiesBad Breath: D, F, D, F+4 (CLOSE)Acid Bath: D, D, B, F+1 (CLOSE)Stage Fatality: F, D, D+BLK (CLOSE)BrutalitiesAcid Wash: D, F+1Must do more than 20% damage with ACID SPIT (D, F+1) during the match.

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