Wij hebben een verbazingwekkende aanbieding speciaal voor u! Bespaar 15% op snelle gaminglaptops met het beste ontwerp dat er bestaat. The Lenovo C260 is ideal for the whole family. Bekijk alle softwaregedefinieerde infrastructuur, ThinkAgile MX Certified Node (with Microsoft). And up to 8GB memory is great for multitasking. *Sommige producten zijn uitgesloten van deelname aan promoties. SHOP SUPPORT. Bespaar 15% op deals voor geselecteerde laptops voor dagelijks gebruik. The unit itself is only 155mm deep, with clutter-free cable management. Featuring a modern look and feel, the acclaimed AccuType keyboard has island-style, ergonomic keys that allow a more fluid, spacious, comfortable, and accurate typing experience than standard keyboard designs. Discrete graphics support, an integrated DVD reader/writer, stereo speakers, and optional HDMI output offer crisp visuals and immersive sound for a fuller, more satisfying home entertainment experience. Bespaar 15% op deals voor premium ThinkPad-laptops en -workstations-pc's. Lenovo intelligent Computing Orchestration. With up to 1TB HDD storage, you won't have to worry about where to put all your data, videos, music, or photos. Sleek, responsive, and affordable, it's great for home entertainment or everyday computer tasks. Unfortunately the "Lenovo C260 All-in-One Desktop" is no longer available, may we suggest: The 19.5" display takes surprisingly little space on your desk, counter, or entertainment center, and is gorgeous with its finish in your choice of Glossy White or Jet Black. Learn more about the Lenovo C260, an affordable, family-friendly 19.5" all-in-one PC with solid entertainment features. Everything tucks away neatly when nobody's using the C260, even though those times will probably be rare. And during those rare times when no one is using it, the 19.5" unit tucks away neatly. Keep it simple with Lenovo Assistant, an easy-to-use interface to organize your favorites, clean up history and junk files, and manage your PC's network connections and energy consumption. The optional HDMI-out port allows easy connection to a large screen HD television or other monitor. Quickly and easily backup and recover system files, applications, drivers, and user files. Chat with family and friends as if you're right there next to them. Klik hier voor alle belangrijke informatie over de prijzen, beperkingen, garanties en meer op Lenovo.com. De legion Y44w-10 is ontworpen om moeiteloos te gamen en te multitasken. Learn more about the Lenovo C260, an affordable, family-friendly 19.5" all-in-one PC with solid entertainment features. Digital River Ireland Ltd is de geautoriseerde verkoper en handelaar van de producten en diensten die in deze winkel worden aangeboden. Up to 10 times faster than previous USB technologies, the USB 3.0 SuperSpeed enables you to move data quickly between your PC and other devices. Lenovo C260 All-In-One PC Hardware Maintenance Manual. Stijlvolle, ultradunne 27″-QHD-beeldscherm. Lenovo Inc. View View.

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